Pay per click (advertised as PPC) advertising is a form of online advertising in which the advertiser will only pay when an internet user will click on an ad and visit the advertiser’s website. Most businesses are spending money on developing a website to generate leads and orders and they can only get orders online if their website has interested customers visiting it. Online advertising is used to advertise the business, and internet users who are interested in the products or services being sold will visit the website. Some of these users may place an order. Google, Facebook, Bing are some of the online advertising options available.

Why is PPC advertising preferred?

Most businesses that are interested in generating leads and orders prefer to use PPC advertising since it gives results quickly compared to other online marketing methods like Search engine optimization. It is possible to start an advertising business in less than one hour using PPC advertising and get visitors to the website. Often businesses find it a cost-effective way of getting leads and orders since only those who wish to purchase the services/products sold will click on the advertisement and visit the website. Typically, the conversion rate is also higher for PPC advertising.

Why should You hire a PPC agency?

While it is possible for a business to set up their own PPC account, especially Google Ads account and start advertising, most businesses are not offering internet services. Hence, they usually lack the expertise, experience, and time to get optimal results from the PPC account. Also, the online advertising network, like Google Ads, is frequently making changes in the features, and most advertisers lack the time to incorporate these changes in their advertising to get a better conversion rate.

Hence it is advisable to hire a specialized PPC Agency Chester like Lead IN who have the expertise, resources, tools, and time to ensure that the clients get the best results possible. Lead IN has managed the PPC advertising for a large number of clients, generating orders which helped the businesses grow.

What is the scope of the work done by the PPC agency?

To ensure that our clients get the best results from PPC advertising, Lead IN services include the following

  • keyword research based on the products or services sold by the business
  • creating landing pages to maximize the conversion rate
  • scoping the audience for the advertisement and targeting the ad
  • tracking the number of visitors for the lead/landing page, and reporting these visitors
  • Optimizing the PPC landing pages to maximize conversions

What are the payment and other terms?

Lead IN is focused on getting the best results for their clients and they believe that the quality of their work will help them retain their clients. Lead IN do not ask their clients to sign long term contracts. The PPC agency is accepting rolling contracts for a duration of 30 days, and customers only have to pay the arrears which are due. Though they are based in Chester, Lead IN accepts clients from all over the UK, and international clients.