Simulation Designs manufactures Aerospace components for Civil Aricraft and works and OEM such as Hindustan Aeronautics, with Tier I such as GoodRich Aerospace, Curtiss Wright, etc.

Fluid Controls SystemsCockpit instrumentation itemsFlight Actuator hardwareAvionics enclosuresStructural items for the Door ,fuselage and Wings.Landing Gear ItemsGear HousingHydraulic system housings.WedgeReflectorImpellerEnd FittingEmboutReflectorSupport SwitchBrideFISG Mid BracketSPRT Pivot BracketMid BracketForward Bracket – RHForward Bracket – LHHinge Rat Door

Simulation Designs is a ‘Space Systems’ approved supplier.Simulation Designs manufactures Flight hardware for satellites :-

Wave guides for RFCirculators for RFSpacecraft mechinisim for solar cell arry deploymentThermal system structural items such as brackets, heat sinksPropulsion system items such as angular brackets, nozzles, etc.Satellite structural items such as Deck interface ring, structual support members, brackets, etc.Specality antennas for RF.Camera housings.PulleyPawlCube MountHinge ShaftCirculatorSmall CirculatorManifoldStop ArmTop CoverPanel SpacerWave guideHub SpinnerEnd FittingClampWave guide clampLeverCirculator – Half BodyCentraliser Body 6 Arm Spring BowHousingDome4 Pole

Simulation Designs manufactures hardware for all stages of the launch vehicles used such as PSLV and GSLV.

  • Avionics hardware enclosures
  • Structural items for the LV
  • Launch vehicle Cryogenic engine items
  • Launch vehicle flight control system hardware.